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Welcome to the healing world trough love, sensuality and consciousness, the acceptance of the body and their desires, their wounds, fears and attachments.

All the work that is done in Conscious Love and Sensuality, is to help people to reconnect with their true love and sensuality, with their one divine, trust and understanding with themselves. To reconnect with their life desires, to learn the art of clear and truth communication with our own emotion and sensation, to create a profound intimacy and be responsible to our own needs, and so live in peace with all that it is.

If you follow your truth and your heart and be responsible for your own needs you will be happy,  but if you dot’n follow your own ideal and what your heart yearn for because you feel fear, shame, guilt and you judge yourself, you always will be a slave of your own desires, necessities and repressed emotions.

In reality, some times is difficult to be honest with our own desires because we have grown with fear, shame and guilt and had been integrated in default patterns of life. At school they did not teach us how to be responsible of our own decisions, nor to recognize our one emotions and sensations, not even to speak our truth with our parents, teachers or bosses, what so ever.

In some occasions, due to our fast paced, stressful world, it is even difficult to know which is our own truth and necessities, therefore, we loose our self-esteem, intimacy and passion for life.

In this world, we come to learn all about love within our own self, then after, we can share with others. However, the majority of us, since our childhood, we have profound wounds which does not allow us to emanate our real essence and withdraw us from real love and security itself.

When we behold and get deep in us and when we learn to transcend our wounds and accept our fear and insecurities, as well as, accept ourselves as how we are, we recover our love, intimacy and power, and is when we can live in peace with ourselves.

Conscious Love and Sensuality work is done trough experiential workshops and individual and couple therapeutic sessions. Focusing on the deep wounds of trauma, shock and

pain that prevent us to fully live.

Sessions are phisio-psicoterapeutics, in which the body is taken care to help it on any illness it might have. And is used emotional release techniques for any suppress emotion that affect the physical and emotional body, creating truth and understanding for any emotion or sensation blockaded, therefore, built a clear communication for intimacy with in one and others, maintaining the body nourished and nurtured avoiding any physical illness.

To create inner peace, the most important is the practice of compassion and love, the comprehension and respect to all life forms.