Conscious Love and Sensuality is a natural outcome of my creativity and experiences and my desire to share these experiences with others, so to help them with their own liberation and transformation, love, pleasure and profound experiences with the Divine.

Prem Gaya, holds a bachelors’ degree in Tourism Business Administration. However, inspired by their experiences of life, she is a Physio-Psycotherapist, specialized in Couple Relations, Sensuality-Sexuality and Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist.

She use Clinical Hypnosis which helps to any physical and emotional illness in the body. Deeply fascinated with the path of the goddesses that honors the human being healing, desire, body and expression, balancing masculine and feminine energies, especifically expanding the BEING OF LIGHT that lies inside each one of us.

Since always, a Muse and Dakini; teacher and guide, inspired by the mysterious and charms of life. She has always nurtured an internal energy  which has driven her to find a way to help the world. Within her, she has found the internal magic of healing souls, love, desire, sensuality, sexuality, the strength of an intimate communication for trust, love and understanding with it self and the others, and  power of the human potential. In this manner, she helps people to heal, awaken their soul and find love, balance and sensuality within them.

Prem Gaya has spent the last nine years educating herself in New Mexico, Hawaii and other cities of the United States of America, Italy, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Argentina, Spain and Mexico.

She is authorized to use the professional title of Certified Medical Support, Clinical Hypnotherapist Fellow, by the International Board of Hypnotherapy.

She is a teacher and trainer of Conscious in Love and Sensuality. She is also certified in Somatic Experiencing Technique, Sorting out Trauma, taught by Dr Peter Levin, (USA, Italy and Germany); Certified Trainer by the Oneness University of India and Tantra Trainer. She is  a therapist and professor certified by the International Society of Obsidian Therapist Ana Silvia Serrano, S.C. (Mexico, Argentina and Spain); Spiritual Response Therapy in Venezuela, Caracas; She has diverse certificates in Medical Biomagnetism Technique (Dr Isaac Goiz Duran in Mexico); Cellular Bioenergetic Osteopathy (Dr Italia Oloarte in Mexico);  Ear therapy, Herbal Medicine and Bach Flowers Remedies (Autonomous University of Chapingo in the State of Mexico) and “Vivation” The art of rebirthing (Dr Lupita Cohelo).

She is also a certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga (IKYTA)

Prem Gaya has expanded her studies into the field of Meditation in diverse mystical fields such as: Kundalini Yoga, Hata Yoga, Naad Yoga, Gestalt, Bioenergetic, Respiration, PNL, Family Constellation Therapy, Holographic Repartering, Golden Light Quantic Healing, alignment of Chakras and Aura, Corporal Therapies and Digital Pressure, Reflexology, Tantra, Shamanism, Jungian and Sex Therapies and Astrology. She has also completed studies in Chi Kung, Love Tao, Love Tantra, Tantra and Conscience Respiration, Tantra and Energy, No Mind, Born Again, Active Osho Meditations, Deepening Process (Oneness University), Sexual Trauma, Healing Intimacy, Tantra Training, Tantra Loveway, Tantra for Women, School of Mysteries, Path of Love and Learning Love Institute.

On June of 2011, she was invited to Caracas, Venezuela by Astrologist and Feng Shui professional Alfonso Leon to talk about her Healing Therapy for Body and Soul with Obsidian in his famous TV program “Architect of Dreams”, well known through Latin America.

She currently teaches, Workshops and Courses in Conscious Sensuality and Healing Techniques with Obsidiana and Feminine Energy, Tantra Love and Sensuality for Women with Obsidian, Tantra Love and Sensuality for Men and Woman, Energetic Break of Fears and Attachments and Crystal Therapy Techniques.

She travels constantly to give private sessions and instruct workshops regarding emotional and spiritual evolution and thus transmits, through her vital and true message, a new way to experience life through the opening of your heart so that the person can be ever more present and conscious in the path of LOVE.

Among other inspirations, Prem Gaya is inspired by the teachings of their spiritual master, OSHO. Committed to Meditation, to her own Inner-Truth and to opening her Heart to Life and Love.