Therapy Body and Soul with Obsidiana

Healing Therapy of Body and Soul with Obsidian Geometries is a group of techniques that are an aid in curing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body illness and to solve shock or traumas caused by threats.

Healing with Obsidiana Geometries: 

It is a technique developed in Mexico by Professor Ana Silvia Serrano. Obsidian is a tool and their use of it recovers the sense of feeling and allows us to feel the repressed emotion, which is not liberated can crystallized in our physical body as an illness. It unites the conscious with the unconscious and thus fuse the being. It get us in touch with our dark side, which lets us know what is happening in our unconscious in order to heal those repressed emotions which have not been free and in the long term develop into illness, blockages or repetitive patterns and help us to have better life through acceptance and love.

Somatic Experiencing, Sorting out Trauma: 

It is a technique developed by Dr. Peter A. Levine, Ph.D. in the USA. Trauma is an internal force that originates in a moment of devastation and remains frozen in time. It stifles the tranquility of the being and strangulates the drive to go on with our life. It dissociates us from our being, from others and from the nature of our spirit. Whenever we are overwhelmed by vengeance, we are frozen with fear as if our instinctive energy of survival was “ready to go out but without a place to go”. Simply said, Somatic Experiencing is a natural approach to sort out the reaction caused by post-traumatic stress. It normalizes the trauma symptom linked to such activation and provides the necessary steps for sorting out the activation and healing of trauma. It focuses our conscience on the body´s sensations. In this manner, the survival energy highly activated can be neutralized in a gradual and safe manner. The unorganized activation that was previously “blocked” in the central nervous system and in the neuromuscular system can be unloaded and liberated thus providing relief and sorting out the trauma symptoms.

Medical Biomagnetism (magnets):

It´s a therapy created by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in Mexico. Since our organs and tissues are composed of complex cell structures, human beings remain healthy as long as there is equilibrium in their levels of ph and energy. In this therapy magnets are placed in certain parts of the body in order to fix the ph level alteration which causes the lack of equilibrium in the positive and negative charges of the ions to disappear. As a result, a balance between acidity and alkalinity is created and all microorganisms in the body are eliminated.

Bioenergetic Osteopathy:

Developed by Dr. Andrew Taylor in the USA at the end of the 19th Century. The emotional impact has negative effects in our health and causes the protection mechanisms to malfunction. Such mechanisms are located in the pericardium of the heart, a group of strong membranes that cover, protect and hold the heart to the mediastinum. Due to its multiple anatomical and neurophysiologic insertions any reaction of the pericardium affects our entire body. The therapy involves feeling the movement of life through the layers that cover, hold and interconnect all organs to the diverse systems in our body. As a result we can locate the place where it comes to a halt or blockage and which hinders the free flow of vital energy.

Ear Therapy Treatment:

It´s a branch of Acupuncture, thus it´s also part of the global plan of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Specific areas of the ear, which are linked to the internal organs, are puncture as well as the meridians, through which the Chi or vital energy of the body flows.

Diksha and the Conscience:

Diksha or Oneness Diksha, is an energy transfer that causes the conscience to develop. The level of conscience in a person establishes the quality of its life. For example, the way in which a person sorts out today´s economic recession, the ability to handle misunderstandings in relationships, dealing with the nature of a rebellious child, the emotions that flow whenever we are diagnosed with a health problem or the level of intensity in our work.  The way in which confront such experiences depends on our level of conscience, as it increases the person goes into another state of conscience attention where there is a higher level of happiness, love, union and the person can focus more on what is happening and what the person is experimenting. Life becomes a wholesome experience!

Diksha does not require a certain lifestyle and isn´t an initiation to start a new path. It isn´t connected to a certain philosophy or ideology. It goes beyond religious and cultural barriers since it only focuses in the awakening of each person within its own spiritual tradition thus facilitating a neurobiological change; hence, religion is a personal choice. Thus a person can be a member of a certain religion and can still attain Diksha.

Diksha is experimented through the placing of hands over the head of the receiver, sometimes even through mere desire. In such cases, the provider (Facilitator) has the receptor in his/her conscience for a few minutes and allows Diksha to flow. Diksha, in this manner, can be transmitted for a distance of thousands of miles or to a large group of people at the same time. The effects of Diksha are different in each person since it is based on what the receptor needs the most.

Benefits of Diksha:

The evolution of our own conscience manifests as changes in all the different phases of our life: health, richness, relationships and spiritual growth. Diksha makes our conscience grow and thus improves our quality of life. Diksha transforms your emotions and perceptions and helps you get rid of them. This change in our focus also modifies our relationship with challenges and opportunities due to the fact that if we alter our focus then we don´t visualize a problem as a problem. Whenever perception changes so does reality because the external world is a mere reflection of the internal world. Higher perceptions and positive emotions create a richer and more pleasing life.

A few of the typical benefits of receiving Diksha based on receptors statements:

•  Awakens the creative potential, diverse abilities and intelligence

•  Increases our learning capacity

•  Sorts out the internal conflict and kindles peace and harmony

•  Brings love to relationships

•  Heals emotional wounds and reduces the load of our thoughts

•  Stimulates affection, friendship and a sense of connection with others

•  Awakens compassion

•  Bestows vitality

•  Heals the body through the healing of the mind

•  Relaxes the body and alleviates stress

•  Helps to develop love and appreciation for our own body

•  Invokes promising energies

•  Gets rid of the blockages that hinder success

•  Builds a mental path to wealth

•  Begins the journey to experience unconditional love and happiness

•  Starts the journey to awakening and God´s fulfillment

Vivation, Rebirthing:

 Is a loving way to get in touch with your feelings and make the best of them and to have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. “Feelings are the medicine to heal”. There are no negative feelings instead there are feelings that have been excluded from our wellbeing and conscience and must be embraced so that we can receive the wellness, relief and greatness. Vivation is the ability to enjoy it to the fullest.