Until now most human beings have remained quite ignorant of their own loving potential. We human beings are able to make love more frequently and sensuously that perhaps any other animal. Yet we are often disappointed after love-making. Why? Because most of us are like owners of a precious Stradivarius violin that we have never learned to play.

-Jolan Chang, The Tao of the Loving Couple


Why do relationship that started out with intense  sexual excitement frequently degenerate into the occasional fulfillment of a dreary obligation?

In this modern world, there is a great fear of intimacy today, and hence a fear of sex as the ultimate act of intimacy. People are afraid to be vulnerable, to let down their defenses, fears, masks and open up themselves to one another.

Busy couples cite fatigue and the inability to find time for more tan quick, routine, weekly encounters as their reason for reserving bigger chunks of time in you datebook for make the ritual of making love with your partner.

Syndrome Inhibited Sexual Desire. Complaints about disinterest in sex come as much from men as from women and focus as much on one’s own lack of sexual desire as on a partner’s lack of interest

In a loving relationship, when these feminine and masculine qualities are developed and understood, the union of the two polarities can happen within each person. This is what is meant in Tantra by “ static awareness”. It is a state of consciousness that embrace both sexes in one body and then rises above the inner duality to a state of oneness.

First step is for you to recognize what your own attitudes are towards your Inner Man and Inner Woman

In the Couples Sessions I focus on each person’s natural connection to their own sensuality so you can explore many other pleasures, so as a couple you come to such a place, where you are at-one with another, our lover’s mind, body emotion, an spirit, may take many hours of exploration, of receiving and giving. You can connect from a deeper place of being, allowing more creativity, juiciness and depth of heart to flower not only with your individual hearts but within your union as a couple as well.

The Wheel of love

Shall we turn it?

In the night, we know not

Where it might go.

Where but through the journey

Into the night, my love,

Will we find the light?

-Interested in making your sexual experiences more meaningful and Sacred, and connect more deeply?

-Looking to increase your confidence in the bedroom?

-Are you getting loose and stress and the day a day tempo is making it difficult to create the space for romance and pleasure?

-Wishing to create deeper eroticism, trust and fulfillment?

-Do you already have a great sensual life but want to explore new ways of relating and experiencing?

You, too, are a rich blend of masculine and feminine qualities, all of which can be celebrated and enjoyed. From the perspective of love a balance relationship between a man and woman, based on love and intimacy, begins with the harmonization of these two polarities within oneself. In Tantra this was exemplified by the relationship between the male deity Shiva and his consort Shakti.

As a raging fire,

Your love consumes me

Your fragrance drips from my hand palms

Must I wait so long?

Return swiftly to my chamber

That I might die again upon our altar