The man heart is a musical instrument that holds wonderful music. It lies dormant; it awaits the coming of the right momenThe man heart is a musical instrument that holds wonderful music. It lies dormant; it awaits the coming of the right moment to be played, expressed, sang and danced. It is through love that this moment arrives.


I work with you to help you to open to be the receiver to an extremely vibrant yet very relaxed experience of quite bliss, where consciousness floats as a feather descending from the heavens. I help you to reclaim and embrace of your masculine power, desire and purpose. I guide you and help you to learn the art of surrendering to your feminine sides of feeling, intuition, receptiveness and creativity. I work with you to slow down from the constant state of doing, the logic, the thinking which has its beauty and purpose, but it is unbalanced with receptiveness and the heart and a natural trust in life, can create discord, stress and tension.

Sleep may occur. Laughter or tears or other feelings and memories are always possibilities. The body is alive. It has memory. And my touch can awaken both the agony and the ecstasy. It is all natural.

Allow each moment and each moment to unfold itself. Many inner beauties can be discovered.

Lets allow enter in meditation. The essentials of this dance are touch, presence and compassion.

Trust, joy and pleasure are the gift given and received.

My sessions with you allow more energy, more sensitivity, and greater awareness in the body and a deeper connection to all aspects of a rich sensual life.  Allow balancing your yin and yang energies within your own body and harmonizing them with your lover. Helps for any sexual dysfunction, or premature or delayed ejaculation and cleansing and balancing the Second Chakra.

Basic tantric breath and touch, nurturing deep touch, meditation, focused on a healing intention and relaxation opening the senses and  in the heart help to create a healing session.  My intention for you is to Open and Heal the Heart Chakra. learning to embrace unconditional LOVE at all levels. Cultivate Male Sexual Energy and the awakening of your sensitivity on the present state, the relaxation, the embodiment of the feminine energy, love to your heart and a more connected being with happiness in life and while Embracing and Connecting with the Divine During Sexual Intimacy.

Part bodywork with deep pressure together with light pressure create a rhythm of relaxation liberating the mind to a deeper openness of the body to feel. Touch becomes a meditation on the sensation in the now. Part breath work, which open us to the receptiveness of the heart, part healing ritual. Each journey is a unique dance and sensitive to the creativity in the present moment and to your needs and expressions, expanding the loving energy of the divine, until is immerse on the most luscious and delightful ecstasy, bringing peace and deep rest between mind, body and soul, and so, free the truest nature of your own being.

Men have the tendency to suffer from prostate problems, which could really affect their sex lives and could even lead to a serious condition health. Therefore, it is essential to treat and prevent this problem to avoid suffering from the symptoms this disease could bring. Now, there are various ways to apply, in order to prevent and treat prostate problems.

Some prostate sufferers would undergo medication or surgical procedure, but there are also natural remedies that are truly effective and safe. One of the most effective methods of treating prostate problems is through a prostate massage therapy. This therapy is extremely helpful because it is so powerful and is capable of providing many benefits to men, is safe for the vast majority of men without any harmful side effects. Prostate massage therapy has been able to help many men to once again live normal lives.

Diseases such as prostatitis have been a concern for the entire medical fraternity which has now been forced to come up with alternative treatment methods which can be able to complement the use of antibiotics.

Today, prostate cancer is a major killer disease that has destroyed the lives of many men. Prostate massage therapy therefore plays a crucial role when it comes to managing prostate related conditions.

Now a day, many men are being referred to prostate massage clinics or a prostate massage therapist especially when they are having issues of an enlarged prostate. Therefore it is always important to ensure that prostate health is maintained at all times.

For prevention, this massage is recommended maybe start around 38-50 years old. For learning to be aware of the pelvis and the sexual healing that comes to men by having their pelvis/prostate acknowledged: any age after 18 years old.

There are many benefits associated with prostate massage therapy, and once this therapy is applied appropriately, one can definitely overcome and prevent prostate problems or disorders. It is just a matter of doing the therapy in the right and safe way.

Here are some of the incredible benefits of prostate massage therapy:

.    This therapy can aid men who suffer from a serious case of prostate enlargement. This massage technique can help men fight and prevent the development of certain prostate disorders.

.    Prostate massage therapy can help men overcome impotence by stimulating the flow of seminal fluid and increases circulation. Prostate massage increases the circulation to the prostate gland, providing nourishment and oxygen, in order to heal it.

 .    The swollen prostate can be alleviated with the help of prostate massage. It could be really uncomfortable when you suffer from a swollen prostate gland, most especially when sitting down and pressure would build around the prostate.

 .    Usually, enlargement of the prostate gland is the cause of difficulty in urine flow. Now, with prostate massage therapy, there will be reduction of pressure from the released fluids, stoping the need to urinate with much frequency. This would help get back with the proper and normal urine flow.

 .    Prostate massage therapy can protect men from the occurrence of threatening prostate gland cancer. Men who regularly apply prostate massage therapy are less likely prone to the development of prostate gland cancer.

 .    Prostate massage therapy also aids to loosen the tension and stress in the muscles, as well as in the nerve endings in the prostate area being able to feel pleasure. Men could truly feel relaxed when the muscles of the gland are massaged and this relaxing massage also cleanses the prostate.

This massage therapy could certainly give you an assurance that you can treat your prostate problems without getting infection or allowing the condition to get severe eventually. Life a healthy lifestyle as well is recommended to achieve a healthier body that is free from any diseases.