They are healing crystals of black color and glassy structure found in Teotihuacan, Mexico. They are energy healing instruments of the ancient Maya and Aztec people that work side by side with the human magnetic field and immune system. They act with the mental body in the same level as the sphere of thought and of the soul. They are a tool that open up the unconscious; if deployed they confront us to the shadows since they are hand on hand with the dark, deep and unknown energies that lodge in our unconscious. They always heal by bringing us to our conscience through dreams or vivid memories of our emotions or feelings which we are ready to confront, incorporate and liberate.



Main Therapeutic Geometries

Omi (placing geometry): 

The bellybutton of the body, it performs an energetic labor of union and tuning between the physical and subtle body. It acts as a bridge between emotions and thoughts. Its mission is to rip apart the fears and attachments imposed by parents to their children. It helps to clean and safeguard the energy center of the belly button (part of the body that is very important in terms of energy) thus bringing balance and protection to the person. It provides us with clear thoughts since it allows us to become rooted to the earth.


Ixtli (placing geometry): 

The obsidian disk aids in the physical-energy healing. In the physical body it helps in terms of pains, swellings, infections and irritations through the flow of energy. In the energy system: chakras, nadis and meridians aid in the liberation of the crystallized, attached energy that can turn into illness as well as that which has not converted yet, thus making it quite helpful in preventing it. Its mission is to clean and allow us to feel once again.



Osiris (piercing geometry, just for woman): 

The obsidian egg connects us with the oppressed feminine energy, in both men and women, stored in the existence of the archetype and collective memory, thus resulting in a balance of the feminine and masculine energy that lives in each person. It opens up the psyche with the possibility of creating better lifestyles along with understanding and approval. It allows us to enter into our heart and its deep feelings. It allows us to bring the shadow into the conscience and free it from the system of religious, medical, social and family believes that entrap it. It awakens feminine energy in order to heal the wounds and symptoms linked to femininity. It frees the repressed memory that manifests as physical complaints in the feminine organs and breasts (myomas, cysts, endometriosis, infections, swellings, irritation, abnormal cells and its similar). It acts as preventive medicine in the conception of such illness in the feminine organs. It also aids in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect since it frees those repressed feelings and trapped memories of childhood such as: abandonment, rejection and suffering and thus brings conscience and meaning to existence itself for both men and women. It opens up the acceptance and love of us.

Healing with Quartz and Obsidian Crystals

This technique focuses on the specific work of the Human Energy System (Aura). A deep cleaning of the chakras is carried out, a tuning of electric and electromagnetic fields, the balance and potential of their performance; all of this through the proper handling of crystals and obsidian with the sole purpose of achieving a proper flow of energy and a reconnection with mother earth and the cosmic energy. All of which in turn will provide health, clarity, well-being and the evolutionary consciences of the being.

A minimum of 6 sessions, one per week is required.