Sensual Tantra Healing

Welcome to the world of healing through love sensuality and pleasure, and the suddenness of the whole body and its desires to lead us to a state of more consciousness of the being, and a more easeful relationship with life.

In our fast paced, stressful world, rarely are we able to take time for ourselves, to be nurtured, nourished and reminded of our true essence, beyond time and space, beyond the limitations of the mind, beyond our personal agendas.

In this world, without a clear, open and honest communication, nagging thoughts in the back of our minds can greatly limit the communion with the openness and the tunes with the truth in our hearts. Being the most important in this world, the awaken of the conscious web ring to our dance with ourselves and our divine. A willingness to see beauty in every moment will bring more pleasure and happiness to ourselves and life’s.

Sensual Love and Tantric Healing embraces the senses and the sensory experiences. Is a journey into the deepest, into the most pleasurable of liberation of ourselves, mind, body, emotion, and spirit. And consciously embracing the delicacy of  love, sensuality and sensitivity energy’s, reconnecting the sexual and the heart centers.

Nourishing and nurturing ourselves creates all aspects of our lives fulfill with love, peace and abundance. It tunes us in to the infinite source within and reminds us, life is a pleasure to be enjoyed, is to be honored and celebrated. In this way, healing is natural. Many men benefit by learning to channel their sexual energy to open a well-defended heart, and many women benefit by learning to channel their love energy to awaken their frozen genitals.

The more sensible you are, the more alive you are, the more alive you are the bigger amount of life you will feel coming into your internal being.

Is there something wrong with enjoying your own self? Is there something wrong with being happy? If there is something wrong then that´s your unhappiness because an unhappy person always attracts unhappiness to its surroundings. Be happy!

Combining the art of sensuality and the secret principles of Tantra together they are unified with the intention of healing.

Sensual Love and Tantric Healing affirms and exalts the role of the body, the sensory experiences, and the flow of subtle energies both in everyday life and in our spiritual pursuits.  Everything is sacred. In this concept, each individual, either female or male, can learn to approach her or his limitations as lessons for creating more fulfilling life. By employing various meditative practices, one learns literally to transform restrictive emotions into energies that invigorate one’s heath and aliveness, including one’s sexuality.

Sensual Love Tantric Healing is a creative healing art designed to take you on an inner and outer journey. Allowing being free of tension and judgments in our body that has been accumulated through life experiences. Liberate our emotional wounds so we can based the roots and allow love to flow and we can trust and be trustful.

The word TANTRA bases its origins in two terms from the ancient Sanskrit language of India: “Tanoti” which means “expansion” and “Trayoti” that denotes “liberation”. The woman is the owner of tantra because she is tantra. Man can only be chosen by her.

Tantra understands duality as a gentle touch, which creates life: positive-negative, light-darkness, man-woman, energy-material, sex-spirit, etc. Whenever such duality is no longer a conflicting contact where one denies the other; whenever you accept and comprehend your own duality that´s the moment when life becomes a joyous dance, a celebration.

A tantric loves it body, mind, heart and soul. His path to consciousness and joy is the patience, comprehension, acceptance and sensitization of this. When a Tantric dies to love, he reborn as the authentic being he is.