Normally, I don´t like to write the blogs or testimonials. But for this, I thought to share my experience because it might change the life of someone else.

When I first visited to Gaya, I was in a horrible state, having insomnia, scared for everything, having severe anxiety disorder & lots of issues with sexual life. I have tried many things and went from cardiologist to psychiatrist, took the prescribed remedies for anxiety and better sexual life. But everything was for a time being and then again the same situation.

After the first session, my head feels clearer and felt so calm. I am sleeping much better and waking up feeling much brighter, I’ve even found my self confident as I walked along, something I haven’t done for years. I have defeated the scary things and improved my anxiety issues. It was hard to believe what happened to me just after the first session. I certainly feel that it has changed my life somehow.

This lead me to go for more sessions, so I went for the second session. I have learned the feelings of receiving pleasure, living in the present, breathing and focusing. It worked like a magic for me and resolved almost 50% of my sexual issues. I felt every cell of my body awakening, vibrating with life. There was powerful softness in her touch. Arousal was everywhere along with colorful lights and entering into my heart. I felt so expanded that the concept of “I” seemed meaningless in that moment. As the energy danced throughout my body, I met the divine in me.

Till now, I had 3 unforgettable sessions in 3 months. Which has resolved 70% of my issues which I was carrying it with me for so long. I must give humble advise to all of you that, you must go for more sessions as more time creates more harmony between the energies and can give better results. This is what I have witnessed by myself. For the remaining issues of mine, I am looking forward to see her again as I really don’t want to stop myself till I will resolve my 100% issues, as remaining 30% can lead me to go back where I was before.

I would like to say Thanks for everything especially your guidance and empathy during our sessions. It was a truly unique experiences for me, on that I must revisit and explore more fully. It is obvious that you have a wonderful gift of your skills, communication and beauty.

-Navil, Dubai,  United Arab Emirates-

When I first met Gaya I had almost lost hope of having a normal sex life again and my creative spark was dying as well. Gaya gently guided me and showed me how I was shutting down a lot more than just my sexual energy. Her kind compassionate caring approach encouraged and allowed me to open up parts of myself that were asleep and I feel after even a few sessions I am much more alive in the world and present. And a word of warning: You are going to fall in love with Gaya, be you man or woman. She is a beautiful goddess who lights a path wherever she goes and lives her highest truth with unconditional love and genuine concern and empathy for all living beings. I am forever grateful for having met her. Don’t think about it, GO! You will be glad you did.

-John Kochiss, Pahoa, Hawaii-

I start to have prostate problems and I had to go pee every second. My prostate-specific antigen (PSA) was too high and my prostate very swollen.

Luckily they gave to my therapist Gaya’s contact and I went with her. On the first session I did not understand exactly what she was doing. She always put me magnets and after she use different techniques in which they help me a lot to relaxed my body and I could work with my emotions of anger and frustration that I had blockaded in my body and i hasn’t been conscious about this.

Through a month I had about 3 sessions. My mood was much better. I started to feel recovered. I stop pee with frequency. After 4 months, went back again to do PSA test and they where normal. The Doctor, have done a detail test and the results where negative and the Doctor asked me what I have done. He suggests me to keep doing it because my prostate was in a much better shape and there was any risk to have cancer.

I was so grateful I went to these sessions.


I always had thought that matches doesn´t exist, there is always a reason for things to be at the exact moment. When I started my sessions with the therapist Prem Gaya, I started with some skepticism, but little after to start the first wonderful session, those fears to the unknown start to vanish and i start go get deep with my inner being in a path of just pure light.

The first it got my attention was to know how unconscious I was with my body and mind, due to I always had don most of my things in a very mechanically way and in a complete autonomies.

Gaya had took me in a very beautiful way to the self knowing of my self; to find some attitudes and some ways of thinking, they just where simply my own reactions of my childhood and youth events and the conditioning wounds by my parents, grandparents and great grandparents.

Little by Little, trough the Obsidian Therapy, I start a path (which I sill working on it), to learn to how to be free and discover how freely I can be and how I can be so repressed without knowing it.

My steps, actions, feelings, results, in other worth, what I am today as a person are the results on working trough my sincere and deepest self…a path that started on the first session of the therapist Prem Gaya


One day I was going to my house and I had a strong hemorrhage, which make me to desperately go to the gynecology. When he checked me and had done al the test on me, he discovered that I had a 5 to 6 inches ovary cyst. He told me that the treatment could be pills, however he thought that he would need to do me a surgery, everything would depend where the cyst would be. He mention that I could also loos the ovary.

In those days, I was in constant communication with my best friend, which told that she knew somebody that has helped to another friend that her child was about to have a surgery and due to her help and the energy that the therapist transmit, she could save to her little girl. She gave me the address and I immediately make an appointment. We have seen each other after 8 days and I talked to Gaya all what the Doctor had told me. The results of the rest and the bad news that maybe I would need to go in a surgery.

Gaya told me all what she do in her sessions, how she work and she told me the she need it to unblock, in other sense, she need it to help me to get out all the accumulated feelings, which could be anger, sadness, frustration, guilt, shame, all that I couldn’t overcome or I didn’t knew how to express in the right moment. She explains to me how all this feelings makes the body get ill and the importance to remove all this old and stagnant feelings and she has done it.

The first time she saw me, after talking few minutes, she put me down and started to put magnets in some parts of my body. She let me to rest while she kept working on me. She asked me few questions, she seemed that she could guess some of my life. She continues to put on, take away and cheeked me. In those moments she was telling me what would possible I could feel after the therapy. She let me rest for a while and I felt very relaxed.

She has worked with me through 4 or 6 sessions, in which she told me that I had to still visiting my allopath doctor, because both treatments being together could be better. I went to the gynecology after 15 days because he had to evaluate if the pills where starting to do their effect and he noticed that the cyst get a little smaller, however, he didn’t want to rush and we continue the treatment; after a moth, he has done again all the test and then could se the changes.

My treatment last about one year and a half, in where sessions with Gaya helped me not to go for a surgery. After a year on having to go through all this I got pregnant, never the less the prognostics given to me that for me would be very difficult to get pregnant and when I had my baby they remove the cyst which was just few millimeters big.

Since then, I go at least once a year to release all what anybody teach us and show to externalize, and this has bring lots of benefit for me, besides the tranquility and security on knowing that there is no illness that we have created to our self’s. And every passing day that I found people in my way that has strong problems I try on them to attend to this therapy that has helped me a lot and I want that person found relief and tranquility besides learning on what they have to do for not falling into an illness.

-Ivon Linares, Mexico City-

I started working again with the Obsidians a couple of weeks ago (I missed them while I was in my journey and regretting not taking them with me). With the egg, Osiris, specifically chose to work on this anger towards the Masculine, and had some strong dreams to help me. I love that egg! If I could keep it on all day every day I would. I also love the little navel obsidian, Omi that stays with me all day long. Thank you very much again, Gaya, for introducing me to this work and your support.

-Alegría, Los Angeles, California-

I am sleeping with my egg almost every night! Very intense nights I have. I don’t remember often my dreams, but I can feel I’ve done a good spiritual work during the night! I just trust the process.

Manuela, Sao Paulo, Brazil-

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