Should I dive into your wave, sweet and loved Goddess?

Surely I would drown

This breath would be my body’s last

But to swim in your ocean,

My soul once again would breathe


Tantra embraces the entire art of being, being alive, living as well as the art of loving which is wisely cultivated. Tantra involve the Muse, the Goddess that delight us with her sensitiveness, feminine, love and woman sweetness, is love with sensibility and the conscience of what

Do not be possessive of your body, of your partner or of your relations. Consider your body, your partner and your relations sacred. Heal them! If the person that is with you does not love you, give him his freedom; let him go, let him go! The true Tantra always begins beyond the physical, psychic and spiritual orgasm. Is it that we are doing.

Feminine essence has its roots in the natural expression of femininity. Qualities such as being open, receptive, trusting, loving, strong, wise and happy can be felt and shine though out our being in our entire life.

Obsidian is a tool with feminine energy that helps us to balance the masculine and feminine energy. Helps us to resume our power and the alchemy of our goddess and woman.

Sensual Healing Tantra for Woman with Obsidian is an invitation for you, woman, who feel that this is the right moment to experience a change in your relationships through your sexual energy, both internal and external, so you love yourself from the most intimate and deepest of your being. And you can find your real freedom in your body mind and heart, embracing the essential feminine energy and your real true essence of being a woman.

I work with you and I encourage embodiment of the goddess in the heart, mind and soul, expressed through the body. This is an intense but very subtle work that I offer with such delicacy that  you can be trustful and relax. I create a safe space with a lot of comfort for you, woman, to fully access the power of your sacred sensuality within yourself; to open your heart feeling the depth of pleasure, power and sensitivity that every woman’s birthright.

Part bodywork, part breath, womb activation; for reconnecting with our goddess that lives within our love, power, feminine, sensitivity and sensuality, exploring and let it flow with freedom all the energy that our woman pours and naturally create healing.

Most women have been sexually educated through precariousness, taboo, shame and ignorance; all of which has hinder them from having a good connection with their sexual energy and made them unaware of how it works thus causing it to be reduced to its minimal expression.

Although some of us have an intuition for it, we are not aware of its power. We ignore the path that will emerge us in its ecstasy’s.